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Welcome to the Card Catalogue

Items in the Card Catalogue may already exist in our library catalogue here

This catalogue contains items from pre-1980 that have never been catalogued formally, or if so, have only a skeletal record.

The Library invites its patrons to assist us in the cataloguing of this material. To help, you can create an account here and then begin to edit the records.

To begin, search for an author, title or keyword. If you are logged in you will see a green button to edit. When you have reached the editing page you will see the card, a description of the card and a bunch of tools for adding metadata. These tools include:

  • Add metadata manually
  • Add metadata from a LoC or JISC record
  • Add metadata from our library catalogue, including a feature which allows you to mark the item as catalogued.
  • Add metadata from search tools from OCLC authority lookups

If you have any questions, please send them on to